10 Beauty and Style Tweaks Worth Making in 2022

Fashion Tips: Gen-Z is all about breaking traditional norms and keeping individuality in mind. This is revealed by the fashion decisions and their choice of clothes. Gen Z fashion icons like Jaden Smith and Billie Eilish for future trends.

We share some of the most promising trends that we expect Gen Z to flaunt in 2022.

  1. Experiments in Color: Gen-Z is more open to experimentation with the colours that they pair. They aren’t afraid of mixing and matching colours that aren’t conventionally worn together to create a unique ensemble that is fashionable and comfortable. Want to don a pair of pink trousers with a bright orange cardigan? Gen-Z wouldn’t shy away from that and neither should you!
  2. Turning Back to The 90s: Fashion trends come in strong, disappear and then resurface again, and right now, Gen-Z is experiencing all the 90s fashion trends that Millenials swore they would leave behind. With the revival of cut-outs, asymmetric slits, sparkly butterfly clips, tinted sunglasses and skinny baguette bags taking centre stage, Gen-Z is living out the 90s fashion dream, of course, in their own unique way, made popular by popular global trend-setters.
  3. Going Fluid: Gen-Z has a more fluid approach to gender than the previous generations, as cultural norms shift and gender fluidity becomes a more recognised concept. Hence this cohort never shies away from flaunting fashion in any way they see fit. Gender-neutral clothing has been gaining popularity over the past few months, and we expect to see significantly more of this trend in 2022. With global brands already hopping onto the gender-neutral wagon, we can expect more brands to also join the gender-neutral hype train in the coming year.
  4. Being the Punk Academic: Punk Academia is one of the newer trends that fashion enthusiasts never imagined Gen-Z would bring about, however, with popular celebrities the signature punk academic looks, it is no surprise that it is a hit among the Gen-Z. From tartan miniskirts and oversized mohair sweaters to fitted corsets and bodycon tops, this trend surely is a good mix of two opposite worlds.
  5. The Comfy Way: Gen-Z has a strong preference for clothing that is comfortable, especially with work from home culture and post-pandemic norms. What’s ruling the trend and have become the standard uniform in every Gen-Z’s closet are silhouettes, comfort sleepsuits, stay at home looks, and athleisure, for being super comfortable yet stylish and chic. From leggings and bike shorts to oversized jumpers and track pants, Gen Z has found these particular pieces of clothing acceptable for just about any occasion.

Gen-Z is all about self-expression and individuality. With a generation that thrives on the idea of acceptance and self-expression, there is no doubt that their fashion trends will keep evolving and changing to be more inclusive, unique and bold in every way.

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